Monday, November 2, 2009

Faux Polaroid

I'm late arriving at the iPhone photo app party. There are so many apps that let you enhance and modify photos in the iPhone. A few days ago I saw some photos posted to Facebook that were created using one of the apps that modifies your photo to look like an old Polaroid. There are several apps that do this, and there are Flickr groups that specialize in "fauxlaroid". I downloaded a couple of apps immediately and got started. The next day I went out and captured these images. There is a great metal shed in Jefferson County KS near Perry Lake. I pass it on the way to Perry Lake and always think it would be great to photograph if the light is right. On Sunday I hit the time just right and used the opportunity to try some faux polaroids. Who can say if the color is "real" polaroid? There were so many different Polaroid films made over the years and each one had its own personality. It doesn't matter; I love the images. The app used for these is Shakeit Photo.