Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Missouri River panoramic

This past week I have been focused on the idea of doing some panoramic pictures of the Missouri River. Since I have lived within a mile of the river for three years, one would think I would have been doing this all along. I have photographed the river sporadically, but never did any panoramics until now. I went down one afternoon to do a test, then went back the next morning before sunrise. There was fog for a short time, but it dissipated quickly. The local sand dredge has been working this section of the river at Parkville for the past week, so there was no choice involved as to whether to include it. It might look like it's chugging upriver, but it is anchored in place. I like having it in the photo. This photo is a full 180 degree pano, so you see the path (looking downstream) at the far left, and the same path (looking upstream) at the far right. This path is in English Landing Park in Parkville, Missouri for those of you not familiar with the area. The moon is visible in the sky. Hopefully the photo will look nice when you click to enlarge it. I saved this version to display 7 in x 45 in but I see that my browser window has shrunk it. Hopefully your browser will do better.


  1. Thats great! I love it with the barge in there for sure.
    I can't wait to see if you start to get sunrise AND sunset in the same pano. Maybe it would be too cheesy, but it might be cool too.

    also if you wanted to know, Firefox 3 on MacOSX definitely put the image to the size of my screen and no larger. Kinda the bane of pano on computers, hard to get a good feel for the whole thing.

    Still, looks great.

  2. I did some research. Blogger uses Picasa Web Albums as the intermediate step for storing all photos you upload to your blog. Something I read at Picasa implied that 1600 pixels was the max. width supported by web browsers, so I don't have too many options. I could cut it in half and post two files. Otherwise, if you really want to see it bigger, send me an email at rick@rickstare.com and I'll email it back to you.