Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring comes to the marshy places

After the long, harsh winter we all endured, everyone seems to really appreciate the arrival of Spring this year. A couple of weeks ago, I got out to a few new places; I had been wanting to explore some marshy or swampy places here in our area. I found one very close to me in Parkville: the Parma Woods Conservation Area which is on River Rd very close to where I-435 passes overhead. This is a small nondescript place, but I had seen a nice pattern of trees from the highway and went to investigate. The frogs were in full voice, the grass was beginning to green up, and there was just enough standing water to give me some nice tree reflections and swampy effects. Inspired by these results, the next day I drove farther, north of Weston, MO to the Little Bean Marsh Conservation Area. This wetlands has some larger swampy areas, and I got several good images. Next time I go, I'll need to take some waders!

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